Costa Rica

Why this part of Costa Rica? I've never heard of it.

Costa Rica Land for SaleOur area, on the southeastern coast of the Nicoya Peninsula, is one of the best kept secrets in Costa Rica. Covering the expanse between the culturally rich city of Nicoya (to the northwest) and the ferry port of Playa Naranjo (to the southeast), you likely won't find it featured in any of the tour guide publications. Exactly why it's a wonderful place to hang your hammock!

However, to be perfectly honest, as beautiful as it is here, it is probably not for everyone. Then again of course, no place really is.

Here, the cowboy (vaquero) farm culture with a relatively sparse Tico (native Costa Ricans own nickname for themselves) population dominate. Local tradition is alive and well, along with its colorful pageantry and frequent fiestas. Ticos are a friendly lot and welcome North Americans (gringos), Europeans and anyone else for that matter, with a delightful and inquisitive curiosity and usually, genuine respect. And so, foreigners living here are like salt and pepper, adding a touch of flavor to the main course.

This will all change soon, but probably not in dramatic fashion as have overdeveloping hot spots like Jaco, Tamarindo and Manuel Antonio.

On the GulfOurs is a real place; a place occupied by mostly down to earth people. It is not America or Canada or Europe in Costa Rica. It is Costa Rica. Living in this area really takes us back to a simpler time, unencumbered, tranquil.

Topographically, we're talking sea level and pretty hot along the gulf coast flatlands giving way to cool and beautifully chiseled mountain ranges creating remarkable vistas, mainly of the mysterious Gulf of Nicoya with its many inviting islands (Homer's Odyssey could have taken place here). At Ojos de la Tigra, even the Pacific Ocean to the west, comes into view on clear days from some of the highest lots.

These mountain ranges virtually all consist of cattle ranches (pastures) interspersed with lush dry tropical mini eco systems, wherever there is an abundance of water. The natural beauty found here is second to none in Costa Rica. Smack in the middle of all of this wonder is where you will find our Ojos de la Tigra development. Ours just might be the most spectacular farm lot/eco development in the entire country, boasting a plethora of exotic flora and fauna and panoramic views from most of our rather large lots (about 2 to 12+ acres) words or even photos cannot begin to describe. More than spectacular, really! No exaggerations. Our goal and philosophy here was to create beautiful places to live in harmony with the exquisite natural environment Ojos de la Tigra has been blessed with. We believe we have remained true to our philosophical goals throughout the process.

The elevations at Ojos de la Tigra assure us of mostly nice warm days and cool, sometimes breezy nights. Occasionally, it cools enough at night to warrant the firing up of a romantic, cozy fire in your own fireplace should you choose to have one.

Costa Rica NatureOjos de la Tigra is close to nothing yet not far from everything. Visit popular tourist attractions like Jaco, Tamarindo, the smoking volcanoes and Lake Arenal or fascinating Monteverde. Drive to the nearby, usually barren Pacific Ocean beaches of Punta and Playa Coyotes. The surf water temperature is perfect and it is safe to swim these waters. Or you might take your yacht or sailboat out from a nearby marina to explore the wide variety of Gulf Islands, scuba dive or snorkel, ride the surf or deep sea fish till the moon comes up. Wind surfing or world class white water river rafting are only an hour or two away. Of course, access to most of Costa Ricas wonderful national parks and nature reserves is also no great challenge. Then after any or all of this activity, it will be a pleasure for you to retreat back to your tranquil sanctuary in Ojos de la Tigra. Here you can ride your own horses, take a leisurely swim in your own pool (with those amazing views) or just plain old relax as you recharge those biological batteries. It's very quiet here. Just the natural sounds of mating birds, howler (Congo) monkeys or the rush and gurgle of our babbling brooks. Cars or planes are rarely audible.

Here at Ojos, we've also set aside park and pasture areas for you and or your horses to enjoy. Rolando Salazar, our caretaker and local cattle rancher, will keep about 40 of his Brahma cows here to graze on non useable land, thereby protecting our lots from grass overgrowth. This is not only an important aspect of our master plan but also helps retain another touch of romance and traditional atmosphere in the development.

By the way, not only can you enjoy all that Ojos de la Tigra has to offer during the daylighthours (including our 4 waterfalls, glorious sunrises, dramatic and colorful sunsets) but the night skies and vistas across the Gulf are at least as breathtaking. At times the Milky Way is so evident that its billions of stars appear as large dense clouds across the darkened night sky. No day or night is the same. It's as if every day God is presenting a different show just for your pleasure and awe.

Costa Rica BeachIf all of this sounds too good to be true, let me assure you, it is not.....really!

No exaggerations here. Honestly, I've left a lot of good stuff out.

Discovery is normal here.

As I've already pointed out, Ojos de la Tigra and its surrounding area may not be for everybody. We feel that the Jaco’s and Tamarindo’s of Costa Rica fall more into the category of nice places to visit. If you really want a nice place for you and your family to live, we hope you will consider our little corner of paradise. Far from the maddening crowd, Ojos de la Tigra just might be the place you've been looking for.