Costa Rica Land for Sale

owned by MENS SANA S.A.
President- Dennis Hamel
Shares owned by Mr. Hamel- 100%

The origional 3 farms that make up Ojos de la Tigra consisted of 750,507.77 square meters.

They were divided into 34 large, unique, non-uniform farmlots ranging from 6,500 + square meters to 51,000+ square meters, plus two park areas. There are 4 easily accessable waterfalls, and a large variety of flora and fauna including 3 families of Congo monkeys
and many large and exotic trees; many different species of fruit trees as well.

Only lot 10 has been sold leaving 731,186.39 square meters as the current size of the rest
of Ojos de la Tigra. Most of the project is pasture and green most of the year. This is cattle country. Cows grazing and cowboys riding their horses often pass by.

All of the lots save lot 12 have magnificent and majestic Gulf of Nicoya water views ; some of the higher lots have Gulf on one side and Pacific Ocean on the other water views.
Lot 12 is beautiful for its fruit trees and mountainviews.
The entire project has electric and a total of 4 transformers have been installed to this point. The lines and poles are now owned by Coopeguanacaste and are maintained by them.

ODLT has 2 wells and the 3 main phases of the water system are installed. Additional
pipes need to be installed to finish the system.

Lot 32 has a large Rancho ( about 20 meters by 30 meters ) and a 80+ % finished swimming pool and of course views to die for.
There are 2 additional small ranchos and concrete and wood bridges in the park picnic areas.

The entire project ( less lot 10 ) is offered now at a very low $850,000 and is negotiable.

Individual farmlots are now offered at $ 45,000 to $ 90,000 .

Because of their large size, many of the lots can be further subdivided.

Some of the views from some of the building areas cannot be beat anywhere in the world.

Mr. Hamel would be willing to accept a bid for parnership if the partner has expertise in marketing and shares similar views on how the project should progress. $ 470,000
would buy 49% of the shares.

A developer could create a magnificent hotel in ODLT in all or part of ODLT if he or she wishes.

2 studies have been made whereby ODLT could be further subdivided into:

a. About a total of 65 or so 5,000 square meter lots .

b. About 80 1,000 square meter and 40 +/- 5,000 square meter lots.