• Riviera Financial’s American Style Mortgage Trust Loan Program is currently available to home buyers at selected resorts and residential development projects in Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Mexico, and the Caribbean.
  • Rates starting at 7%
  • Easy to Qualify! 45% Debt to Income Ratio is the Highest Allowed in Costa Rica.
  • Ideal for purchases of 2nd Homes, Vacation Homes, Condos, Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Construction Projects, etc.
  • By leveraging U.S. assets, this program provides affordable permanent mortgage loans when local bank financing would otherwise be unaffordable or unavailable
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident with U.S. assets, and net worth of at least the value of the vacation/retirement property
  • A lien is placed against the US property or asset for a TEMPORARY period of time. After 12 consecutive on time payments the lien comes off the US property and is transferred solely to the offshore property
  • Loan amounts: $100,000 to $1,500,000 USD
  • 20- to 30-year amortization means LOW MONTHLY PAYMENTS!
  • NEW: Interest Only Payments Available!
  • NO MORE WORRYING ABOUT ADJUSTABLE RATES! FIXED Interest rates from 7.5% to 9%, depending upon creditworthiness and amount of down payment.
  • 80% LTV (loan to value); in some cases up to CLTV (combined LTV) 100% may be possible. WE ACCEPT SELLER CARRY BACK 2nds TO 100%!
  • Collateralized by the Costa Rica or Panama property only
  • Full Doc or Stated Income Loans Are Available
  • No cost or fee to apply
  • Fast, Easy Approval
  • Construction to Permanent or purchases of existing homes
  • Loan Program and payouts are customized to the builder’s schedule
  • Cash Out Refinances Now Available! Take Money Out of Your Existing Property.
  • 4.5% Origination Fee may be rolled into the loan amount


  Required Documentation (Full Document Loans)

  •  Completed and signed borrower Short Form Application including complete list of real estate owner
  • Authorization to check credit. These first two items are all that is needed to apply initially.  
  • Proof of income—Salary employee: W-2s for previous 2 years; complete 2 years of tax returns; last 2 paystubs; full verification of employment, work  telephone number
  • Proof of income—Self-employed: Complete 2 years of tax returns; CPA letter and/or reference letters, or other business documentation
  • Proof of other income, such as rental income or fixed income: Rental agreements or tax returns to support other income
  • Most recent monthly account statement from each mortgage account or asset account
  • Purchase Agreement


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In Costa Rica it is rather difficult for foreigners without legal residency or credit history in the country to obtain a bank loan.  Apart from the amount of red tape, the loan’s terms and conditions are never as good as the ones offered in the United Estates. Terms are quite shorter and interest is higher. Due to this, the Developer is willing to present the possibility of financing part of the investment.  The buyer may petition Developer for the financing of the lot.  Financing is not open for the construction phases.  Individual conditions can be negotiated as long as the following basic terms are met:

-Financing up to seventy percent (70%) of the value of the lot.

-Three year maximum term.

-12% annual interest rate

-Placement of Property Title in escrow.

Once the terms and conditions of the loan are approved, the land is placed and registered in Escrow.  Escrow will hold the Land Title until it is paid off. After payment is completed, Escrow will transfer the property into buyer’s name or corporation. This system is a safe procedure since Escrow is an impartial third party whose obligation is to follow the given instructions.  If the debt is paid in-full, the Escrow has the obligation and the power to transfer the Property Title to the buyer. If the terms and conditions are not met, then the Escrow will return the property to its original owner and disburse funds according to instructions agreed upon by both parties when the Escrow was established.