Costa Rica Land Sales by Ojos de la Tigra


Costa Rica Highway 21 Near Playa Naranjo

Costa Rica is a very special and beautiful country, to say the least. However, getting from one place to another has usually been somewhat of a challenge over the years, both in time and comfort. Historically, the roads and byways have been lacking quality, requiring a healthy dose of patience. That has especially been the case in Guanacasta as well as the southern Nicoya Peninsula, where our beautiful OJOS DE LA TIGRA is located. Having said this, infrastructure and accessibility have been improving, maybe not dramatically, but very consistently in the last several years. Emphasis on improving roads and infrastructure has been an obvious priority of the Oscar Arias led government.

The drive from the Juan Santamaria Airport in Alejuela to OJOS DE LA TIGRA is very interesting and beautiful, especially if you take route 23 through Atenas, Orotina and Puerto Caldera. Restaurants and spectacular scenery abound. Were you to drive straight through to the ferry in Puntarenas it would take under 2 hours. From there, the very romantic and scenic ferry to Playa Naranjo is about a 1 hour and 15 minute trip, depending on how the tides are flowing. The ferry ride is a special experience where food, drink and latin music usually abound, and the views are beautiful, day or night.

Costa Rica - Our men doing roadworkWhen you drift into Playa Naranjo, the ambiance clearly changes. We are now in a more relaxed and very beautiful rural area. The drive from Playa Naranjo to Jicaral takes about 20 minutes. At present, about 10 of these 20 kilometers are paved. The rest should be paved in the not too distant future. From Jicaral to our beautiful OJOS DE LA TIGRA, is about another 7.5 kilometers. The first 2 kilometers leading to a small village named San Pedro, is now under construction. This distance should be paved by the end of 2009. After that there are about 5 kilometers up to our even smaller village of La Tigra. This stretch of road is a pretty smooth and winding dirt road. Alternatively a new and improved road to latigra is now under construction. From La Tigra you need to travel another 2 kilometers to get to OJOS DE LA TIGRA. This last stretch, we have been improving on an everyday basis. So pretty much, we're talking about 4 hours from the airport to OJOS DE LA TIGRA, if you don't stop along the way.

On the other hand, Costa Rica's 2nd airport ( in Liberia ) is quite a bit more convenient by car than is Juan Santamaria. It's basically a smooth, level and relaxing straight shot 2 hour drive to Jicaral. We, here at OJOS DE LA TIGRA are sensitive to the accessibility desires and needs of our future residents. While all of the roads in and around the development are being improved on an everyday basis, it is incumbent upon us to secure other modes of transportation tangentially. More specifically, air travel. And so we are now researching ways to access convenient and much faster, either by helicopters directly to OJOS DE LA TIGRA or small airplanes from the big airports to a small private airport not far from La Tigra.

Safe and happy traveling folks!