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From its inception, we here at Ojos de la Tigra set out to develop our magnificent 190 acre farm in such a way as to preserve its natural beauty and at the same time retain and respect its horse culture ambiance and tradition. Ojos de la Tigra is not only meant for equestrian oriented people to live here, but it is certainly friendly to that type of person. We have designed our farm lots here very carefully with no preconceived ideas of their sizes or shapes. We just took what the natural contours of the property gave us. If an area had a beautiful, potential home site with great views and at least reasonable privacy, we had a lot. We forced nothing in the process. And so we finally ended up with 34 farm lots of all different sizes and shapes and views, each quite unique unto itself. Conforming to our philosophy, we decided to preserve 2 park areas to be used by residents of Ojos de la Tigra, either to graze their horses or to enjoy recreationally.

We have built 2 smaller ranchos, stone stairs, wooden railings, stone fire places for cooking, and more for you to enjoy. All of the roads in Ojos de la Tigra have been cut and are being improved daily as are the public roads leading to our community. For a while now, we have had all the necessary electric poles installed to provide service to all 34 lots. At present we have also installed most of the 3 stages of our water system, including 2 excellent wells.

We are also prepared to offer you turn key accessibility to high quality and stylishly designed custom homes. Luxurious living, taking full advantage of our wonderful water views, in an exceptional natural environment, is yours for the asking.

And so we invite you to become the next ojos(eyes) de la tigra and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. It's fun to fall in love. Come have some fun!

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The following are the Topographical map, Master Plan for Ojos De la Tigra and below that a breakdown of the lots including the prices in Phase 1:

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Costa Rica Project

 Costa Rica Map of Ojos de la Tigra

M2 per LOT 

Photos +

Phase 1 1 6.23   25,246.47 subdividable
Phase 1 1B 1.51 6,101.05 no escratura
Phase 1 2 3.21    12,975.87 subdividable, large flat area
Phase 1 2B 1.89      7,556.32 no escratura
Phase 2 3 8.05       32,616.18   no escraura,subdividable
Phase 2 4 5.61   22,649.26      no escratura subdividable, special lot
Phase 2 5 3.53   14,276.33 no escratura, subdividable
Phase 2 6 2,67   10,833.89 no escratura subdividable, wow view
Phase 2 7 4.62     18,885.33      no escratura
Phase 4 8 7.96   32,269.33 subdividable,private
Phase 4 9 12.65   51,157.00   subdividable, largest lot
Phase 4 10 4.77   19.321.38
Phase 4 11 5.66   15,491.68   subdividable,ocean and gulf views
Phase 2 12 6.36   26,731.80 no escratura fruit trees, mountain views
Phase 2 13 3.96   16,009.30    no escratura, special views
Phase 4 14 3.93   16,876.69      ocean and gulf views
Phase 4 15 3.16   12,771.75 ocean and gulf views
Phase 3 16 2.99   12,012.25 subdividable
Phase 1 17 4.72     18,014.54 nice views
Phase 4 18 9.34   37,724.29 subdividable, incredible views and lot
Phase 3 19 4.44   17,971.00 ocean and gulf views, special lot
Phase 3 20 7.19   29,053.38   ocean and gulf views
Phase 3 21 8.75     35,423.88   subdividable, invredible views and lot
Phase 3 22 4.07   16,460.00    subdividable
Phase 1 23 7.17   29,008.40 subdividable, private
Phase 1 24 5.30   21,452.92 subdividable
Phase 1 25 4.28   17,298.86 subdividable, romantic views
Phase 1 26 2.45   9,919.03 subdividable, large flat area
Phase 1 27 3.18   12,856.44 private
Phase 1 28 6.24    25,235.71  subdividable, special mountain and gulf views
Phase 1 29 1.73   8,871.08 romamtic view of gulf
Phase 1 30 3.32   13,422.40 subdividable
Phase 2 31 7.79   31,532.16 no escratura, subdividable, special and romantic homesites,double gulf view
Phase 2 32 1.53   6,487.78 has large rancho and pool, fantastic views, can be finished into unique house

The 10 lots with no escraturas (titles) can be titled in 2 months if desired by lot buyer or project investor. 23 lots are titled as are the 3 mother farms.

Most lot prices are negotiable as are the prices given for the entire project or partnership.