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Costa Rica Montain ViewIntroducing Ojos De La Tigra,

Costa Rica's exciting new and unique gated community development. We are now offering, 34 spectacular and unique lots in a dry tropical mountain setting with jaw dropping views of the Gulf Or Nicoya, Pacific Ocean, & Pristine

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For your convenience we are offering three custom home designs in the tropical / Mediterranean style by architect Henry Hoffman, to choose from.

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Imagine if you will, it’s a warm sunny day, sometime in July and you are zenith on one of Colorado’s beautiful Rocky Mountains. You stand perched upon one of this mountain’s grassy plateaus as before you is a grand vista, half a circle wide and overlooking a majestic prairie like valley. In the distance you can see this valley is surrounded by related snow capped mountains. It is so clear you can see the leaves on the trees of these distant rises as they flirt with local wind currents.

Continuing your fantasy, you now find yourself on that same mountain but the surrounding area is transformed. It is warm here in July and December. The snow has melted, replaced by gurgling streams and lovely waterfalls. The wide valley that once was before you is now filled with water and a number of mysterious and beckoning islands, this grand bay, surprisingly, is barely used by humans. The distant mountains now are frosted with clouds. Their flora is referred to as cloud forests. It is quiet here. You are in a dry tropical paradise. As it was in Colorado, here, high up you can see the weather in dynamic flux. To the north it might be sunny and clear. Turn your head to the right and you might see the clouds below you spill their warm tears upon the bay, as your future approaches. As the sun sets, surrounding clouds can light up to a kaleidoscopic array of colors and on occasion open to allow the sun’s rays pass, in biblical fashion. And the night sky... WOW, It can rival that of anywhere as the Milky Way often streaks the dark heavens with what appear to be clouds, but are filled with billions of stars instead of water. Across this bay or Gulf of Nicoya at night, the horizon is scattered with city lights. They are understated and star like but do not obscure; quite impressive, really.

And when you finally come to visit this truly special place and your imagination gives way to what your eyes actually see you will inevitably be taken aback by how spectacular it actually is here.

And so Colorado has become Costa Rica and the exotic southeastern Nicoya Peninsula. You are now in OJOS DE LA TIGRA.

Welcome to our corner of Paradise! Pura Vida!